Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Immigration Myth has been Busted

This article was originally posted on my previous blog and has been transferred to this one. Below, I have added an additional paragraph, so I can respond to the many useful comments I recieved after posting this originally.

After years and years of grossly misinformed people claiming that immigrants (usually written as 'immigrunts' as they can't spell...) "taking their jobs" or "being in their country", one of the myths surrounding this has been well and truly dispelled by a study carried out by the Independent. Aside from the obvious questions of why this has taken so long- in which time such ridiculous beliefs and opinions have become well and truly entrenched- this is a fantastic development for all concerned, especially the innocent victims of such ignorance.

So often I have heard people saying that (white) English people have been randomly turfed out of their own houses with very little notice, in order to make way for families of immigrants who have about eight children. I have always known that almost all of these claims would turn out to be completely untrue, as there would be scant logic in it were it to actually happen, and therefore there is no reason for it to happen.

Finally, such uneducated opinions have been dispelled by a study by the Independent. The Equality and Human Rights Commission found that, of all the people searching for, and living in, housing afforded to them by the government, only 1.8% had moved to the UK in the previous five years. That means that over 98% had lived here for over five years. On top of this, 87.8% were UK born, presumably with most of them as British citizens. So the myth that immigrants get fast-tracked onto the housing and benefit systems seems even more ridiculous than it already did.

The most stupid assertion about immigrants? (I'm not making this up)... I have actually heard someone allege that they get given a house straight away, a job, food vouchers, a mobile phone and a leather jacket... WHAT???

As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to say that Britain is only for the British, even before the above statistics were released). As anyone who knows me will realise, I am the least patriotic person in existence. We are all people. We all matter the same. We weren't put by a deity in a special place already earmarked England, because we were 'meant' to live there... this place is called England because the people living there (over time) decided to call it so. And those people are called English BECAUSE they live in England. It sounds extremely simple, but you would be surprised how many people don't even recognise that simple fact. Hopefully, most of you reading this blog won't need this additional help, but you can never be too careful... Basically my point is that we all have the right to live anywhere in the world... these aren't 'our' jobs or 'our' houses, or even 'our' country.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Originally, in reply to this article, one of the replies I got was from a very stupid BNP voter (what a surprise!), who didn't reply to any of my points, and simply abused me, saying I should move to Basra, despite the fact that I didn't talk about wanting to move abroad in my article, let alone there! Hopefully that doesn't reflect on the intelligence of my readership!

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